2 x GTP12-110 - Tubular Gel Ultra Deep Cycle Leisure Battery

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Highest spec leisure battery on the market today.
Ideal for Camping, Motorhomes, Caravans and liveaboard boat use.
1500 recharge cycles compared to 100 with standard leisure batteries.
5 Year Warranty
12V 110 AH
GTP-12110 G
Gel Tubular Plate deep-cycle Monobloc battery
800 Cold Cranking Amps
Deep Cycle Tubular Gel Technology
Dimensions: L 305 mm x W 175mm x H 234mm
(Please check it fits the Space available before purchase)
1500 Recharge Cycles @ 80% DOD
Dual Terminal- Round and threaded type posts
Fully sealed. Maintenance free.
Anti flashback safety labyrinths.
Low self discharge meaning longer shelf life.

For use in Caravans (Movers), Boats, Motorhomes, forklifts, Industrial floor cleaners and much more.

Also suitable for marine applications & American motorhomes and highly recommended for solar applications - from Leoch's Powabloc GTP series


The GTP series is a collection of heavy-duty 2, 6 & 12 volt Gel Monobloc batteries manufactured by Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world.

The Powabloc GTPs are part of a wider Powabloc series, which features flooded, AGM & Gel batteries to suit a variety of applications & usage patterns.

The Powabloc GTP series features a range of Gel Tubular lead-acid batteries, designed specifically for traction and cyclic applications. The batteries within this range are Monoblocs, so-called due to their internal construction of 2V 'blocs' which are wired in a series. Monoblocs are ideally suited for deep cycling, and the batteries in the GTP series are more resilient to greater depths of discharge than their regular Gel counterparts.

Gel Tubular is a market-leader in lead-acid technology, fusing a premium electrolyte composition with robust tubular plates.

In comparison to a flat plate, a tubular plate is a more rigid structure which is more resistant to the continued stress of deep cycling. Electrolyte is piped into the tubes and is protected and utilised more thoroughly than in flat plate batteries where the electrolyte is exposed and more prone to shedding.

Inside a battery of Gel technology, the electrolyte is suspended in a thick silica-type paste that allows electrons to flow between plates. This design brings many advantages such as being entirely maintenance-free, having an exceptionally low rate of self-discharge and being more resistant to accidental abuse or misuse than a traditional flooded battery.

Like AGMs, Gel batteries can be mounted in any orientation without the risk of leakage. They also don't require maintenance - particularly useful for machines that are utilised by a number of different people. An important point to note is that due to the sensitivity of the technology, Gel batteries require either close attention to charging settings or their own specialised charger.


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