From 1st July 2018 all motorbike batteries must be filled by the retailer before being sold to a member of the public in the UK who does not possess a valid Explosives Precursors and Poisons (EPP) licence

New changes to UK legislation mean that from 1st July 2018 it will be illegal for a member of the public to buy or possess a motorbike battery that is supplied with a separate acid pack without them holding an EPP licence.

Why is this taking place?

In response to recent events sulphuric acid has been reclassified from being a regulated substance, to an explosive precursor: a chemical used in the illicit manufacture of explosives.  Any member of the public wishing to be in possession of sulphuric acid above a 15% concentration will now require an EPP licence to do so. 

How does this affect Leoch motorbike batteries?

The new regulations affect all Leoch products where acid is supplied in a bottle alongside the battery for the customer to self-activate.  It also applies to separate electrolyte bottles.  Other Leoch products already containing acid are not affected as they are pre-filled.

What happens if I want to purchase a motorcycle battery online from Battery Bay?

As it will be an offence from 1st July 2018 to supply an unfilled motorcycle battery with an acid pack to a member of the public without verifying that the person possesses a valid EPP licence, Battery Bay will only sell pre-filled batteries, therefore, we insert the acid into the battery prior to being shipped.  Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to send the acid pack separately.  We also supply a range of sealed, pre-filled batteries that do not require a separate acid pack.  Click here to navigate to our Motorbike page.

Product Availability

Please note that moving forward, Battery Bay will be stocking many of the existing motorcycle batteries with separate acid packs as ‘sealed and ready to fit’ versions.  These revised products will be in stock over the next few weeks. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any queries via or on 01543 466998.