Leoch ADVENTURER LAGM-120 - AGM Deep Cycle Leisure Battery

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The Adventurer AGM series
An excellent quality, mid-range lead-acid collection from Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world.
Specifically designed for leisure applications, the batteries in this range offer great deep cycling ability and utilise 99.99% pure primary lead acid.
4 Year Warranty
12V 120 AH
Totally sealed for life - dry-cell, unspillable and safe
Screw down bolt terminals- Round Car Post Can be supplied - just Request by email after purchase
Deep Cycle AGM
Absorbed Glass Mat technology (great durability and vibration-resistance)
No Liquid acid, they can be mounted in any orientation and are better suited to handling vibration.
330mm LONG x 175mm x 225mm HIGH
weight: 28kg
600 Recharge Cycles
Fully sealed. Maintenance free.
Anti flashback safety labyrinths.
Low self discharge meaning longer shelf life.
• Minimal self-discharge - ideal for seasonal use
• Specifically designed for cyclic use over sustained periods of time (deep-cycle)
• Typical max. cycle life of 600 cycles @ 50% Depth of Discharge (DoD)
• Power demand level of intended application: Medium (casual to regular usage)
• 4-year warranty
• 99.99% pure primary lead (PPL) for faster charging, better performance & a cleaner environment
M8 Screw down bolt fixings supplied.
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are dry-cell, with the battery acid being encapsulated in fibreglass sheets
In comparison to flooded batteries, AGMs offer increased levels of reliability and versatility


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